About the Yoo-Hoo Shirt

The Yoo-Hoo shirt was actually nearly 5 years in the making! First, I took the live photo in the upper left burst May 12, 1985 at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. The photo was later blown out to black and white, and tha background removed. The appearance of Johnny holding the Yoo-Hoo bottle was made from two separate images. After going through hundreds of my negatives, I found one where he was actually smiling (!) from a record store signing on September 22, 1987 in San Francisco. Then I took a photo of my own hand holding a bottle of Yoo-Hoo in mid-1989. I might add it was pretty hard to find Yoo-Hoo in a bottle in California! I then completed the artwork incorporating Yoo-Hoo graphics and a facsimile signature.
I presented a shirt (size large) to Mr. Ramone himself before the show on August 12, 1990 in San Francisco. For the past 7 or 8 years, he had worn exclusively black t-shirts on stage, but to my surprise came out wearing the shirt, with the sleeves freshly cut off. At Johnny's request, I made him two more, (size medium) at a later date. The shirt has since appeared in videos, on a poster, on "Loco Live" (better in the European version), and in the book with the Ramones Anthology. When one of the concert shirts was auctioned on ebay through the official Ramones site (sold for $640!), Johnny was quoted as saying "I always thought of it as my favorite shirt."
I don't know if I have earned a place in Ramones history for this, but it was pretty cool to hear none the less! Anyway, now the story can be told and maybe some day I will dig out the original artwork and make a "limited edition!"

- Ian