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I don't do triathlons anymore, so I have deleted a lot of these files to make space for other pages. I had a lot of fun for the two years I raced, but was kind of disgusted by the end. It used to be you could train yourself to endure an 8-10 hour day of excersising, now you just suck down a "Gu" or "Power-Gel" and go. It's cheating. Maybe someone like Scott Tinley will invent a new race with nothing allowed except water and bananas. It would be terrible for the sponsors, but great for the sport. I don't even know if these links work anymore, but give it a try. Oh, and if you have heard of the PR Nutrition program, take a look at my DNF*Bar page, that will hopefully humor you!

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(Ian's 1995 IMC race number!)
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