A Photographic Essay by Ian Harper

Above: Art concept from poster that was never made. I took the photo at Toad's Place, New Haven, CT

Please Read
All photographs here are my own, and are copyrighted material, and may not be reproduced in any form without my expressed written permission. I have presented them here at the requests of many fans that I was never ever to make prints for, and the many others who I know are out there wanting to see these images.

You may download these images for "non-commercial personal use" and if you have your own "hobby" web page you may use a few images (I ask you to restrict this to around 3) BUT- you must leave the images as they are unaltered and keep the photo credit intact. If your web site has any ads or causes banners to pop up I consider this a commercial site, in which case you may NOT use my images without expressed written permission.
For publishing inquiries, please email me.

Finally, you may NOT use these images to make t-shirts, light switch covers, and other crap and do something stupid like sell them on ebay (even if you purchase a print from me directly). If you do I will take legal action (and I am getting quite good at it!) This should all go without saying, and I do apologize if this sounds beligerent but there are a few idiots out there. I have spent many hours going through old negatives and slides to make these web pages, so please show some respect. I hope these pictures bring back great memories.


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