Compiled by Ian Harper & Chris Lamy


At the last minute the co-authors and contributors of this page decided not to release certain technical information (serial numbers, guitar collector crap, etc.) but are currently entertaining the possibility of a book (yes, another one!) which would include the complete information we have collected plus a few other surprises.

These pages are the result of a lot of research, and it is with great hesitation that we turn this information over to the whole world via the internet. But, people want to know, and maybe they will all send us some free shit because we made such a cool web site.

About the authors:
Photo of Ian After giving up the guitar after high school, Ian was re-inspired after being allowed to play Johnny's brown guitar on stage for a sound check. After several shitty bands, he formed Captain Crunch which survived from 1990-93 and briefly reformed in 2002.

Chris played with GG Allin & the Jabbers in the 80's and continues to play with them today. He owns tons of Ramones crap including two of Johnny's personal guitars. Currently he is a graphic designer for a big-wig design firm and guitarist for the brand new punk group Rat Fink.

Photo of Chris

Please note that none of these guitars are for sale at any price.