The "5th Ramone"

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After taking thousands of photos of the Ramones, this was the best shot of Monte I could dig up. (By the way, that is Dee Dee's ear at the left edge.) But when I first posted this crummy photo, the Monte fans came out of the woodwork in response. So out of the vaults here is the whole story. Monte had helped build Performance Studios and managed it. He became the Ramones' road manager by collecting the money when a club didn't want to pay. People like me, George, Chris and Randy probably contributed to Monte's many ulcers but we love him none the less. But wait-- there's more...



Above Left: Long before the Ramones, Monte played bass, sang a little, and even played organ. This photo (Monte at left) is from a radio-only lp from 1971. (Talk about a Ramones-related collectable!) The band was called "Thirty Days Out" and they released two lps, which you should snatch up before the South Americans come here and buy them all! They are:

RS 6450 Thirty Days Out
MS 2085 Miracle Lick

Above Right: A more current photo of Monte, free from the stress of being a road manager! (Courtesy Monte)

Another vintage Monte photo, courtesey Shira. Photo by Sam Field.